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3 Ways To Build Strong Corporate Identity

Like people, companies are also prone to an identity crisis. In the business world, corporate identity and products are closely related. Culture-wise, two companies can be very different although they compete in the industry and sell the same type of products. Building an identity can be quite tricky.

Companies that are based on tangible products may be able to identify themselves easily, while those with intangible products like banks and financial organization may require a bit more effort. Some companies could also shift from service-oriented operations to product-oriented focus and this could cause them to struggle culturally. Regardless of their situation, companies should invest more in culture building effort to improve themselves in all sectors.

3 Ways To Build Strong Corporate Identity

Here are ways companies can build strong corporate identity:

1. Use very strong taglines:

Taglines are useful because it can help consumers understand about what the company is offering. In the business world, some famous taglines can be associated with specific companies. This brings strong identity for the company, especially among consumers. Choosing the proper taglines can be tricky, since it must represent the brand and products of the company.

Taglines shouldn’t be longer than a few words, since consumers need to memorize it easily to recognize the brand. For this reason, new companies could have dozens of possible taglines and choosing the one that’s the most appropriate may require long process of discussion among executives and consultants.

2. Summarize the brand:

Enhancing brand awareness is essential for any company and it is an important part in establishing strong corporate identity. Brand is an intangible concept and explaining it may take pages. Companies should summarize its brand and use core values in it to improve corporate identity. When clients ask us about our brand, employees may confidently explain it to them and this could indicate a strong corporate identity.

Companies with strong identity should also have strong brands and this could make consumers understand these companies better. This will directly result in increased sales and better loyalty among customers.

3. Make products and services more recognizable:

Products and services are two things that companies sell to the market. They are often the first representation of the company. When consumers see our products in the shelves, many of them don’t know us yet. In this case, products and services should be important representation of our corporate identity. Proper packaging design could be identified with specific companies. As an example, Coca Cola is strongly identified by its red packaging and curvy, white letters.

Apple is also known for its iconic apple icons. For this reason, companies may hire professional designers to come up with ideal packaging design. The package should be recognizable and interesting. People should be able to identify our company by looking at our products briefly.

These three steps are necessary to improve our corporate identity. Companies that lack a convincing identity could eventually suffer from a number of problems, such as reduced sales and poor competitiveness. Building a corporate identity will take time and companies should invest enough time and effort to achieve this.

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  • Dec 2, 2014
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