Aging Tech

3 Must Have Tech Toys for Business

Business Man Sitting On Floor With Laptop Hands OutPart of running a successful business means that you must stay current with the tools of the trade. People who work in the tech industry, such as those who run their own eBusiness growth company or who build websites, need to stay at the top of the technology game.

Knowing when new gadgets come out and which ones will help you run your business is important. Clients will feel more inclined to do business with people who use the latest and greatest gadgets. It demonstrates that they are tuned in to our modern times. Some of the latest inventions of 2013 comprise of tech toys that will help people run their business efficiently and smoothly. Here are three to consider.

Mobile Office

If you are often mobile in our business, having a new car with all the power ports for your laptops and devices is essential to productivity. But let’s face it; not everyone is willing to go drop thousands of dollars on a new car just to have these features. Thanks to modified car power adapters, you can transform your car to a mobile office by plugging in this miraculous gadget that can power up to four devices at once. These adapters also charge devices up to four times faster than any USB. Now entrepreneurs can work in their cars preparing presentations and product demonstrations without draining battery life.

Presentation Magic 

If you rely on Power Point presentations or web demonstrations to convey your products and services to people, you will want to use electronic devices to do this efficiently and smoothly. And even adding that “wow factor” can intrigue people to want to engage with you.

The Genius Ring Presenter is the first of its kind. The person giving the presentation wears the ring and by making simple gestures with his hand in the air, the user can control total function of the website or presentation as if they were scrolling with a mouse. You can control next/back options on slides, side movements, total cursor movement and 4-way scrolling ability including the option to drag.

People using this devise will wow their crowd and make them feel like they are watching a presentation from some science fiction movie. And the user will enjoy the freedom to move around the room and better engage the audience by having his hands free from the keyboard and mouse.


Knowing that your office is locked and secure will give you less things to worry about. Sometimes colleagues might have access to your office. Knowing who is there, and why they are unlocking the door is important. Thanks to a number of wifi door lock systems, you can lock and unlock your door via a smart phone or web connection anywhere in the world. And when someone uses a key to unlock your door these devices send you an instant notification letting you know. If someone gains access to your office outside of work hours, this might be something that would intrigue your curiosity. These remote lock systems allow people to be spies of their own domains, and knowing your sensitive information is secure reduces stress.

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