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3 Gadgets to Stay Updated with the High-End Technical Age

Sometimes being advanced in every step can make you lag behind, because staying up to date is not possible all the time. Yes, in this high end technical age, no matter how advance you feel yourself but still you are not aware of something unique that is happening in some other places. To get that news, you need to wait for some days. May be the internet and satellite is the best ways to stay up to date, but you are too busy with your life and keeping your eyes on such updates is not possible for 24 hours.

You might be thinking what all these are suggesting, right? Well, I am trying nothing but to update you with the latest version of gadgets that are available in the market and you are may be not so aware of it.

What are these Gadgets?

Portable Projector

Portable projector

The concept of such portable projector is quite old, but the new device which is the latest sensation in the market offers awesome features to satisfy all your requirements. It is light weight, so easy to carry. You can take it anywhere for watching movies. All you need is a white wall or board. It has wi-fi, so you can transfer files from any device having a wi-fi connection. It laos offers superb sound quality.

Purifier Bottle

Earlier it was a purifier machine installed in your house, from where you used to fill your jar and go out in relaxation that you can have germ free water for the whole long day. However, now you don’t need to carry a filled up bottle with you everywhere. Rather, you can go for carrying this empty and fill it up with any water outside, because it has its own purifier attached in it. So, you can stay relaxed of having purified water all the time.

R4 3DS Games

Earlier a Nintendo console device made you play stored games again and again. Now, by installing this r4 card for 3DS, you can store up to 32 GB games and play them whenever or wherever you want. Even, to store games by using this card, you don’t need to be a tech savvy person. You can save games just by using the old copy-paste methods.

So, what else are you looking for? This is best time to update your life with these gadgets and enjoy the facility of living in a high-end technical age.

  • Jul 2, 2013
  • Joannariver
  • Gadgets