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10 Reasons Women are Better Drivers Than Men

  • Apr 22, 2013
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Somehow the misconception that men are better drivers than women seems to have been hard-wired into the collective conscious yet there is a wealth of evidence to the contrary. Although male traits seem to suggest they better understand the technical and mechanical aspects behind driving in terms of safely, women are hands down much better drivers. In the list below, we look at ten reasons why women make superior drivers.

1. Women are cooler, calmer and more collected behind the wheel
Men are far more likely to see the ‘red mist’ descend in front of their eyes than their female counterparts. Whereas men are commonly recognised as being rather aggressive in their driving, women think about other drivers, sharing the road with those around them and are less territorial in their driving habits.

2. Women are more skilled
Although a claim like this seems hard to prove, accident statistics cannot be disputed. No matter what country the surveys are taken, men are shown as being significantly more likely to have an accident on the road. It seems that the stereotype of the careless female driver are every bit incorrect as they are outdated.

3.Women have longer attention spans
Biologically women are better equipped to drive due to the presence of estrogen in the body. This hormone influences neural activity in a positive way and enables better focus and concentration.  It is also thought that this neural stimulation makes it easier for women to learn rules and as a result, make less driving violations.

4. Women are more conscientious in their driving habits
Not only are women far more likely to wear a seatbelt, they are far less likely to take drugs or drink before getting behind the wheel. They take less risks, obey traffic signs, avoiding reckless overtaking and speed and as a result there are far less fatalities among female drivers.

5. Mother knows best
As tenuous as it might seem, it is thought that maternal instincts also play a part in women’s driving skills. As the nurturer and the caretaker, women display a higher tendency to take the safety of pedestrians and passengers into account.

6. Women are more patient
The age old adage that women can’t park is wearing thin. Studies have shown that whilst men are able to park faster, women demonstrate better manoeuvres and precise positioning for their vehicle.

7. Women are successful racecar drivers
Although it is often thought of as a male dominated sport, women are increasingly breaking into this arena and with great success. Skilled, driver and often lighter in weight, women make better drivers.

8. Women are keen law-abiders
Women are more likely to follow road traffic signs more closely. Whilst men often ignore these signs or consider them excessive, women are diligent and follow rules readily. As a result they are less likely to cause an accident.

9. Women are not as easily distracted
Whilst men are often distracted by things happening off road and have trouble keeping their focus, women file less claims related to ‘eyes off the road’ incidents. Women have a better ability to process assorted information.

10. Women are not thrill seekers
Women use their cars for different purposes. Because they drive defensively and to make their day to day lives easier, they do not drive fast or find themselves in dangerous situations.

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  • Apr 22, 2013
  • admin
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