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10 Reasons to Move to a Dedicated Server

  • Jun 24, 2013
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Business has gone a notch higher and now online marketing is stealing the hearts of many people. However, in order to succeed in this endeavor, it is important that a person has the right knowledge and the right tools to achieve. One of these ways is to ensure that the website being promoted is relevant, easy to access, performs higher and that it has constant traffic.

Traditionally, many websites were hosted on public or shared servers. This means that several websites would have their databases in the same server. However, current internet technology has provided a new website hosting service known as dedicated servers. These are not shared and anyone can have his or her own.

10 Reasons to Move to a Dedicated Server

Reasons to Move to a Dedicated Server

For webmasters or website owners, it may be quite a difficult decision to make when it comes to abandoning a shared server for a dedicated server. Here are some 10 reasons to move to a dedicated server:

1. To Improve Performance

Heavy traffic in shared servers can literally cripple your website even when your site is optimized for performance. If you realize that your website traffic is increasing by the minute then it is the best time to move to a dedicated server. When the server is overloaded, it can take too much time to load and at times returns error messages. This can discourage visitors from visiting your site.

2. To Maximize Security

Anything shared is always in danger of security breach. Shared servers are at risk of hacking given the number of websites being hosted in the server. If any of the sites hosted in such a server gets hacked, then there is very high likelihood that yours too will fall a victim. This problem is not there in dedicated servers.

3. Reliability

Another beautiful thing with a dedicated server is the fact that they are reliable. If there is a problem, then you can reliably and quickly fix it. For a shared server, you will have to go through the long process of contacting the hosting company.

4. To Maximize Gains

The more traffic directed to your site the more money you will get if your site is promotional or selling goods and services. When your website is reliable, fast and performs better; more people are likely to visit that site and check out what it is all about.

5. Easy Access to the Site

Search engines usually take the visitors query, send it to the server and retrieve the information and send it back to them. In a shared server, many niches may have similar or related information which make it difficult to comb and retrieve the required information. With a dedicated server, it is only your database that is in the server and therefore access is easy.

6. To ensure more Options

If you want to shift or upgrade your website from one that is predominantly informational to one more data intensive, you can easily do it without having to worry. In shared webhosts, your website is at their mercy. They can decide what parts or websites to block without giving any explanations. With a dedicated server, you have your options to choose from.

7. Easy Management

You have the opportunity to manage your own dedicated server. This is because you have the entire server for yourself. No matter what you want to host in the server, it is your choice because you do not have to get permission from anyone to make any changes you desire. This cannot be said of a shared server.

8. Easy Configuration

A dedicated server is essentially a personal computer or PC. The way you would want your computer to perform is your decision and this is also true with the dedicated server. If you feel like increasing the RAM to your server or its processor then you have the opportunity.

9. It is Cheaper

As is always true, cheap is always expensive. You will have to pay premiums for your shared server. These are always more expensive given the kinds of changes you have to make so that your website can perform better and be accessed fast. Once you optimize your server for good performance then you are done.

10. To Increase the Efficiency of your Website

Websites hosted in a dedicated server are easily accessible and you are able to make changes as often as you want and offer your visitors the best services they are hoping to get. In addition, multimedia information such as videos, audios and images may be blocked or slowed in shared servers. This is not the case with dedicated servers.

Author bio: Zac Grace is a tech, marketing and SEO blogger working in the IT industry for the past 7 years. His work mostly revolves around SEO, but his interests do not end there. Some of his favorite dedicated server providers include Dreamhost from US, UK Fast from UK and Ninefold from Australia. You can connect with Zac on Twitter and Google+.

  • Jun 24, 2013
  • EditorOne
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