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October 10th, 2014
10 Android Apps For Travelers


10 Android Apps For Travelers

Google Play Store is full of amazing travel apps designed to help you in some or other way in your journey. Whether you need to check your flight status or note down some important contact or notes or share some photos. Therefore, here is a list of 10 android apps for travelers.

1. Evernote

It is a great app to store all information in one place. You can store quick notes, contacts, photos, reviews, lists and many more. Even if you do not have your device all you need is an internet access. App is good in reducing the paperwork during the journey.

2. Trip Advisor

If you are regular traveler, you probably have heard about the website called the Trip Advisor. The app is mobile version of that site. Great for making travel plans, you can share reviews and plenty of useful information related to travel is available.

3. Sphere

Sphere is a photography app that has the ability to take 360-degree photographs. It is a great app to have while trying to capture your amazing moments of your life. Photographs taken by this app allow you to see place as if you are standing at the same spot.

4. Google Maps

Google Maps are useful in our daily life and for traveler, it is must have apps. Visiting an unknown place and not knowing the local language could make it hard for you to navigate in the alien place. Google map perfects itself in taking you wherever you want to go.

5. Remember the Milk

When you are travelling, it is sometimes hard to keep track of your all-important things and it is quite possible you will miss on something important. Therefore, to keep a track on things to do, this apps does the job for you.

10 Android Apps For Travelers

6. Pixlr-o-matic

You may fancy editing you photos before you share on Facebook or Instagram. Pixlr is simple editing tool that would help you enhance the photos. This app is good for those who love photography but do not like carrying an exp.sive camera.

7. Minube

Do not know where to eat, or shop in unknown city, Minube is the answer. It offers tips to travelers on restaurants, attractions, shops, and other travel information. Maps are available, so that you want have to worry about the address.

8. Flight+

Tracking flights is always important for travelers. Flight+ offers real-time update on flights all around the world. It displays all the information in well-sorted manner.

9. Forevermap

Being online on international roaming rates could be expensive. Especially, accessing maps online does take some good amount of data. Therefore, accessing maps offline, Forevermap is great app. You can download the map before travelling and access them in offline mode.

10. Tuneln

Entertainment is useful part for a traveler. Often long flights or drives could get boring. With Tuneln you have access to great radio station around the globe. Tuneln offers around 70,000 radio stations from all around the world.

Even before you apply for your ESTA make, sure you have these apps on your android. When technology is available to you why not use it wisely to make your trip hazel free